MMPG-1 gradiometers


Main features:
  • Based on Overhauser effect
  • High resolution
  • Stable in time readings
  • Can be used with GPS


MMPG-1 is a model of ‘walking’ Overhauser magnetometer-gradiometer designed for application in mineral deposits prospecting and exploration. Having sufficiently high resolution and processing speed along with stable in time readings this new magnetometer has efficient system of microprocessor control, equipped with capacious storage of digital data and can be used with GPS.

Compared to standard magnetometers MMPG-1 has 2 channels, that allows not only measure magnetic field (T), but also get the values of gradient or increment of magnetic field.

Magnetometer readings’ volatility does not exceed ±0,2 nT during 8 h working day.

Magnetometer has manual mode and automatic mode with programmable cycle of measurements with maximum performance — 1 reading per 2 sec.

Highest signal-to-noise ratio is reached when sensor head is oriented ±45º to optimal position, if the angle is greater than ±45º heading error doesn’t exceed ±1 nT.

Digital data is output via RS-232.

Map classified points of anomalous MF
Data visualization in the mode of anomalous magnetic profile map
Data visualization for base magnetic station
Automatic partitioning of the full set into profiles
Visualization of anomalous MF in the form of profile map
Visualization of anomalous MF on raster substrate
Selection of measurement points using a distribution histogram of magnetic field
Graphs of magnetic field variations at the base station
Anomalous magnetic profile map
Operating range (each channel) 20 000 – 100 000 nT
Absolute accuracy ≤±2 nT
Supply power 13±2 V
Power consumption (with sample rate 1 measurepent per 10 sec) ≤1,0 W (1 channel)/ ≤2,0 W (2 channels)
Operating temperature -10 – +50 °С
Weight ≤4,5 kg (1 channel)/ ≤6 kg (2 channels)
RMS error ≤0,03 (in 30 000 – 100 000 nT range)/≤0,09 (in 20 000 – 30 000 nT range)
Inbuilt clock error ≤1,0 s/day
Memory 1,0 Mb


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