Main features:
  • Accounting of magnetic field variations
  • Accounting of measurements on checkpoints
  • Gridding the data
  • Visualization and quality control
  • Map of charts
  • Data export to: TXT, XLSX, DXF, GRD files


MagGPS software is designed for visualization and quality control of magnetic survey data. MagGPS allows quick processing of large amounts of data, obtained with various equipment using different observation techniques.

Processing and data quality control options:
  • Accounting of the check points
  • Sorting and structuring data
  • Splitting data to blocks / profiles in different modes (by time or distance between points of measurements)
  • Statistical analysis of data on the profile or the entire data file (mean, median, standard deviation)
  • Interactive removal of “outliers” in polygonal mode on maps of charts / classified points, in data tables, by histogram
  • Data filtering (filter types: moving average / median filter)
  • Reading and visualization of data quality information (if provided by the manufacturer of the equipment)
  • Slicing of data for given path, with further uploading of data to ZondMag2D and ZondGM2D software for data inversion
  • Import of vector map to AutoCAD, Surfer, Google Earth with accordance to coordinates
  • Various parameters of geomagnetic field: total magnetic field (T), anomalous magnetic field (∆T), gradient of magnetic field (gradT), altitude (Z)
  • Data of 3D magnetic survey as a map of charts or as a map of scattered points, interpolated map
  • Charts of magnetic field variation
  • Edit transparency of map elements
Accounting of the a priori information:
  • Uploading and scaling the raster map (BMT, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF) as a bottom layer for geomagnetic data
  • Uploading the vector GRD map (Golden Software) as a bottom layer for geomagnetic data
Importable magnetic survey data file formats:
  • Hand-held magnetometers:
    • MiniMag
    • QuantumMag
    • MMPOS-1
    • GSM-19
    • G-856
  • All-terrain vehicle magnetometer systems
  • Marine towed magnetometers:
    • SeaSpy
    • Proton-4
  • Magnitometers-gradiometers:
    • MMPG-1
    • MMPOS-2
  • Reads data directly from Minimag, QuantumMag, MMPG-1
  • Text table with TXT extension having random column set is also possible to be imported (values of T, ∆T, gradT can be used as data)
  • XLSX tables
Importable GPS data file formats:
  • GPX — is an XML-based file with longitudes and latitudes in degrees in WGS 84 coordinate system, elevations in meters above sea level, time in ISO 8601 format (supported by Google Earth, MapSource etc.)
  • Text table with TXT extension having random column set (degrees in WGS 84 coordinate system or coordinates in meters in any rectangular projection can be used)
  • XLSX tables
  • RAW — raw data text format supported by most GNSS systems (Trimble, Spectra Precision, GEOMAX etc.) with longitudes and latitudes in degrees, relative rectangular coordinates, elevations, time etc.
  • XLSX and TXT format tables
  • PDF and XPS format high-quality vector graphics
  • Map of graphs in BLN file for further plotting in Surfer software
  • Data export to AUTOCAD software
  • Maps in KML (Google Earth) format

MagGPS works on any PC running Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8.


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Video  Min Discussed method Date
Video with new features 1:06 magnetic survey 5.06.2015
Raster map import, image scaling  and binding 0:58 magnetic survey 16.02.2015
The interpolation of magnetic data, upload data to ZondMag2D and ZondGM2D 2:10 magnetic survey 16.02.2015
linear spatial interpolation of data 1:11 magnetic survey 16.02.2015
The calculation of the normal geomagnetic field using IGRF model 0:49 magnetic survey 16.02.2015
Working with map of charts of the magnetic field 0:31 magnetic survey 13.02.2014


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