Hydrophone array

Hydrophone array WellStreamer

Main features:
  • Highly sensitive piezoceramic sensors
  • Small diameter and light weight
  • Compatibility with linear seismic recording systems


The borehole hydrophone array WellStreamer is designed for borehole seismic surveys at pressure (P) waves. The hydrophone modules utilize highly sensitive piezoceramic sensors with preamplifiers. The default number of modules on the cable is 24, but it can vary from 1 to 48. The standard interval between pressure sensors is 1 m and the total length of the seismic array can reach 200 m or more.

The hydrophone array can be supplied on a reel with slip ring, which allows to leave the equipment plugged into it while winding and unwinding the cable.


Сhannels 1-24
Frequency range 1 – 10 000 Hz
Capacity of piezoelectric element 4 000 pF
Maximum pressure 60 at
Breaking pressure 100 at
Supply voltage 12- 16 V
Current consumption per channel 10±1 mA
Output impedance of the preamplifier 395 Ohm
Maximum value of the output signal ±3,8 V
Operating temperature range -10 .. +70 °С
Storage temperature range -40 .. +70 °С
Diameter of the hydrophone module 42 mm
Length of the hydrophone module 200 mm
Weight of the hydrophone module 300 g
Interval between hydrophones on request, but ≥ 0.25 m
Braiding of a cable polyurethane
Longitudinal cable sealing +
Screening of cable and hydrophone module +
Cable reinforcement kevlar
Operating load 200 kg
Breaking force 400 kg
Cable diameter 13 mm
Minimum cable coiling radius 120 mm
Minimum coiling radius of the active section 220 mm
Cable Weight 168 g/m
The weight of a streamer length of 130 m with a reel 38 kg
Dimensions with reel 500×600×400 mm
Maximum cable system length 700 m
End Connector by agreement
End load the lower end of the cable system is equipped with a weight-bearing loop; load can be supplied as agreed


Additional Equipment

Borehole sources and energy sources










Reels and synchronizer






Processing Software







ZondST2d — 2D seismotomography interpretation (refracted waves)





ZondST3d — 3D seismotomography interpretation (refracted waves)


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