Towed hydrophone array HRStreamer

Main features:
  • Suitable for all types of HR/UHR surveys
  • Supports optimal towing depth, slanted cable and deep tow acquisitions
  • Acceleration-insensitive hydrophone
  • AVO friendly
  • Custom configurations available


HRStreamer is a high sensitive marine towed streamer, specifically designed for high resolution and ultra-high resolution engineering marine seismic surveys.

HRStreamer is an easy to operate hydrophone array with up to 48 channels. Various group intervals are available for manufacture, such as standard spacings of 1 m, 2 m, 3.125 m, 6.25 m or popular these days combination of mixed hydrophone spacing in one streamer. All hydrophones are protected from acceleration to ensure the lowest noise level.

HRStreamer is suited for all types of modern high resolution acquisition techniques, including conventional surveys with optimal towing depth and slanted cable registration. Maximum allowable working pressure of 40 atm also allows to use HRStreamer for deep towed marine acquisition surveys. High accuracy depth control sensors, distributed along the receiver array provide exact measurements of streamer towing depth in real time to meet your acquisition expectations.

Additionally, HRStreamer may be manufactured with single hydrophone per group to provide uniform directivity pattern of each receiver group. In combination with non-directional source, such as single-tip sparker they will provide AVO friendly high resolution marine seismic setup.

In addition to HRStreamer the following items can be purchased:
  • High-frequency seismic station
  • Deck winch
  • Towed buoys with positioning system
  • Paravan for 3D system
  • Towed sparkers and boomers with MultiJack energy sources
  • Software for quality control and data processing



Cable system
Type linear with preamplifiers
Number of channels 1-48
Interval between channels as agreed
End connector type as agreed
External diameter from 32 mm
Piezoelectric element
Operating frequency band 10 – 10 000 Hz
Sensitivity 180 ± 30 uV/Pa
Capacity 4000 pF
Maximum working pressure 40 atm
Sensitivity to accelerations protected against acceleration
Type low-noise dissymmetric
Gain 6 ± 0,5 dB
Current consumption per channel 10 ± 1mA
Output resistance 395 Ohm
Power supply voltage ±12 V, bipolar
Maximum output level ±3,8 V
Root-mean-square voltage of the intrinsic electrical noise,
given by output, in the operating frequency band
less than 10 μV
Usage conditions
Operating temperature range -10 .. +70 °С
Storage temperature range -40 .. +70 °С


Processing Software







ZondST2d — 2D seismotomography interpretation (refracted waves)





ZondST3d — 3D seismotomography interpretation (refracted waves)


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