Borehole source of SV-waves GEOSv

Main features:
  • Light, powerful and easy-to-use
  • Upward downward vertical shear waves
  • No need to orientate
  • Pneumatic locking system


GEOSv is the unique borehole source specifically designed for crosshole seismic testing (CST). Provided with a fast-locking pneumatic system, it allows to generate polarized vertical shear waves. This device is fully in accordance with international standard ASTM D7400-08. The operation of the GEOSv source is provided by the Jack energy sources.

Parallel crosshole seismic testing field data obtained with borehole source GEOSv

Parallel crosshole seismic testing field data obtained with borehole source GEOSv (distance between wells — 4 m).
From left to right: CST on S-wave data (Z-component); CST on P-wave data (H-component); The vertical velocity distribution of the S- and P- waves in the interwell space, respectively.
Diameter 65 mm
Length 654 mm
Waterproof 200 m
Max air pressure 25 bar
Air pipe connection 6 mm
Max piston range 21.5 mm
Connector High voltage 7 pins
Mechanical features
Case Aluminium
Clamping pistons 2
Eleactronic features
Power supply Max 3000V 300J
Frequency bandwidth 100-600 Hz


Additional Equipment

Energy sources Jack
Are designed to provide functioning of sparkers of different types








Geophone array GStreamer






Hydrophone array WellStreamer






Seismograph TELSS-VSP for borehole surveying







Processing Software







ZondST2d — 2D seismotomography interpretation (refracted waves)





ZondST3d — 3D seismotomography interpretation (refracted waves)


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